RADIO: Haiti Three Years After The Earthquake: Still Rebuilding A Life

WLRN South Florida

The earthquake that struck Haiti three years ago this month sent a concrete wall crashing down onto the 30-year-old dancer Fabienne Jean. Her right leg was crushed and had to be amputated. When Fabienne danced again, she was hailed as a symbol of Haiti’s post-earthquake recovery.

But as reporter Jacob Kushner discovered, the quest to rebuild one woman’s life would take much more than that. Kushner followed Fabienne’s story for nearly a year, reporting from Port-au-Prince, Boston and New York. Listen to the five-part series and see photos by Nick Kozak at

Radio: Miami TV station owner brings spirit of Carnival to Florida Haitians

WLRN South Florida

By Jacob Kushner with Tate Watkins

February 21, 2012 (WLRN) – This week millions of people across Haiti will parade in elaborate costumes and dance to the blaring horns of rara and Haitian pop music as they celebrate the nation’s largest cultural event of the year, Carnival. As Jacob Kushner reports from Port-au-Prince, one Haitian-born Florida man is working to ensure that the hundreds of thousands of Haitian immigrants living in South Florida will be able to join them in spirit.

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Organizer brings spirit of Carnival to Florida Haitians

RADIO: Lost Between two Nations

WLRN South Florida

Broadcast on WLRN Florida, November 17, 2011

When a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti in 2010, the United States stopped deporting Haitians. Earlier this year deportations to Haiti resumed. 24-year-old Franco Coby grew up in Fort Myers, but he was born in Haiti. And untiul this year, he had never been back. Jacob Kushner brings us the story of a man lost in his own country.

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This story was part of Jacob Kushner’s 2011 reporting for the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting on deportations to Haiti.